Accepted Contributions:
  1. A Student Team Research Project Approach to the 2nd Course in Computer Graphics
    Cary Laxer

  2. Computer Graphics Art Curriculum Resources
    Dena Elisabeth Eber

  3. Computer Graphics Curricula as Motivation for "Math Thinking"
    Lewis E. Hitchner

  4. Computer Graphics : new contents, new audience
    Steve Cunningham

  5. Computer Graphics students and research work
    Pavel Slavik and Walter Paetzold

  6. Developing ACM Computing Curriculum Courseware on Graphics & Visual Computing
    Silvester Czanner, Andrej Ferko, Markus Grabner, Franz Leberl and Juraj Tugel

  7. Highly Interactive Web-based Courseware
    Frank Hanisch and Wolfgang Strasser

  8. If computer graphics is Visual then we should address the Human Visual System in Introductory Courses
    Beatriz Santos

  9. On Decreased Importance of Algorithmic Strategies in Current ACM Computing Curricula for Graphics & Visual Computing
    Andrej Ferko

  10. Online Curriculum Resources for Computer Graphics in Art and Design Education
    Tony Longson

  11. Perception and design aspects in computer graphics courses
    Lars Kjelldahl

  12. Proposal for a CG Educational Content Online Submission and Reviewing System
    Sónia Assunção, Frederico Figueiredo and Joaquim Jorge

  13. SVG and X3d: Technology for a Foundation Course
    David Duce, Bob Hopgood and David Lightfoot

  14. Three Alternatives for an Introductory Computer Graphics Sequence
    John McDonald and Steve Luecking

  15. Visual Perception in Computer Graphics Education
    Alan Chalmers and Colin Dalton

  16. Web-based Virtual Environments for Teaching
    M. Chover, Ó. Belmonte, I. Remolar, R. Quirss and J. Ribelles